We're back ... It's been a while!

As many of you know Hurst Village Pantomime Group have been putting on pantos in the Village Hall for nearly 20 years! Covid may have scuppered our plans this year, but we are BACK and will be rehearsing a new pantomime, “A Lad in the Wild West” from September 2021 to perform on 20th - 22nd January 2022.

Every production brings together a large team of people from the village and surrounds. It's a great opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and experience the fantastic camaraderie associated with putting on a highly-regarded show!

There are a host of different roles for which we need help, from lighting, sound, costumes, props, hair and makeup to front of house, chaperoning, marketing, ticket sales, directing and production.

We would LOVE to have a good mixture of familiar and new faces and would like to invite anyone interested to attend our AGM and launch event on Thursday 8th April at 7:30pm via Zoom.

Don't be shy - come and tell us how you could help and we will find a role for you in the team. If you'd like to find out more about any of the roles in advance or would like to be added to the Zoom invitation list, please email us.

Information Meeting:

Monday 6th September 2021, 7:30pm
Village Hall or Scout Hut


Youth & Adult - 10th September 2021, 7:30pm Village Hall

Child - 12th September 2021, 1pm Village Hall


  • Thursday 17th January 2022, 7:30pm
  • Friday 20th January, 7:30pm
  • Saturday 21st January, 2pm
  • Saturday 22nd January, 7:30pm


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